What are the keys to a successful, lasting marriage?

What are the keys to a successful, lasting marriage
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Science has proven it on more than one occasion: happily married people are more cheerful, optimistic, and healthy than those who remain single. All studies ensure that a full and happy love relationship is a tonic for the mind, body, and spirit.

But the keyword, of course, is “happy.” Because science has also proven that a stormy or thoroughly unsatisfactory marriage can wreak serious havoc on emotional and physical health, in other words, marital happiness is something almost-almost life and death!

Now the question that has hung in the air since the marriage was created: How do you achieve a genuinely happy one, in which both parties feel lucky to be with their partner?

Some psychologists have studied one of the most famous and hot couples in the universe. They have discovered that the relationship between George Clooney and Amal Alamuddin is not the product of chance, which is how many see Cupid’s crush. As unlikely as it may seem, it is tied to what Canadian psychologist Eric Berne called “transactional analysis.”

Who was based on the ideas of Sigmund Freud to formulate some of his theories? Every person has three ego states the father: what they were taught, the child, who is what he has felt. And the adult, who represents what he has learned.

And if you’re wondering what all this has to do with love, sex, passion, and marital happiness, here’s the answer: When two people are genuinely compatible, they both connect on each of those levels. As in the case of George and Amal. After lasting relationships? Promising? But always ending before reaching the altar, Clooney was emerging as a confirmed bachelor? Until he met the woman, he called “his perfect match.”

In order to find the fundamentals of a successful marriage, a popular book by entrepreneur, philanthropist, and humanitarian, Daniel Zopoula titled, “The All For Nothing Marriage, Why your marriage will kill you before death do you part”, reveals exclusive insights on the pillars of successful marriage and why a significant number of modern day marriages keep failing.

In conversation with Zopoula, we learned his approach to the subject of marriage. He was able to give his opinion on the idea of a matrimonial which we treat as insightful for the audience.

As surveys show and Church doctrine repeats, married love is based on the faith and commitment that one spouse professes for the other. Many communication problems, intimacy, and coexistence are avoided if that vote of confidence and the decision to love the other, pronounced on the day of the marriage, continues to be used and strengthened every day and in each situation. That is why it is worth exploring the meaning and practical value of this essential element for your marriage.

One of the elements that most contribute to harmony and stability is the values ​​they have in common. They are like the treasure from which daily decisions are nourished, both for a couple’s life and for managing money, raising children, relationships with the respective families, etc. In short, this treasure’s power is enormous, and it can be learned to use and enrich, as will be seen here.

We learn to talk in the first years of our life, but we learn to communicate throughout it and to the extent that we discover that not all people understand things the way everyone does, nor do they express themselves through from the same media. Some are more spontaneous, others reserved. Some use words, other gestures, or actions to make their feelings known. Many difficulties that make couples upset or say “you don’t understand me,” etc., probably have their origin in these communication differences. Finding out how your partner communicates, and the best way to express your feelings will significantly help you.

Disagreeing in opinions or points of view is expected. But so that these differences are not the occasion of a conflict, much less of a marital crisis, it is necessary to learn communication and conflict resolution techniques. This learning is convenient for everyone because, although sometimes we tend to imagine that the problem belongs to the other, it is clear that communicating is an art with very varied techniques. Each person is a world that is worth learning to decipher and conquer from their particularity.

Speaking of resources for a happy marriage, we must consider in a unique way what God brings to our marriages and affective relationships. He is love and its source. For this reason, learning to love is nothing more than learning to listen to the will of God and follow it in our personal lives and as a couple. And when this path of the search for true love or spirituality is an endeavor that both spouses want to experience together, great blessings are present in a couple’s life. So whether you’re going through a difficult time in your relationship or wanting to preserve the happiness you now experience, learning to develop spirituality will undoubtedly strengthen your love.

According to a study carried out by Florida State University (USA), the key ingredient in this sweet recipe is sex. Researchers have found that sexual intercourse produces a special glow in us, lasting up to two days. As if that weren’t enough, this ‘glow’ can increase long-term relationship satisfaction.

Several studies have already shown that the practice of sex contributes to the short-term bonding between couples, but most couples indeed have sexual relations every day. According to the International Society for Sexual Medicine, only 21% of married men and 24% of married women have sex four or more days of the week.