Unrealistic Beauty Standards: The Glimpse of the Superficial Realm

The Colossal Need of Revolution

In this flashy world where beauty is just everything, growing up with a steady mindset was itself a unique challenge for Karan. The issue which the model realized is with people his age, desperately wanting to meet the unrealistic, “Face-Tuned” standards of beauty that the media portrays, and every other person accepts it as a barometer of appeal. “I, in general, listen surreptitiously to people discussing such topics about vain vanity, regularly in my line of work. In certain cases, the recommendations, shake me to my core. It’s not a shocker to tackle frightful beliefs that industry professionals have recommended; ensuring to alter every unique beautiful attribute about you and turn you into this box-office, cover ready doppelganger” says Karan.

The Fake World of Social Media

One of the most well-known facts we tend to hear, particularly among young people, is the measure of “likes” somebody has on their photographs is equivalent to their appeal and success on social media. Anyone with just few likes on their pictures is directly deemed ugly and undesirable by the masses. This rubbish mindset among the young generation is honestly the primary thing that is erroneous. As a response to such baseless standards, youngsters end up buying expensive brands of high-end makeup, jewelry, clothes and cars that are out of their budget and lifestyle, yet they are okay to miserably suffer in this false pretense. All this, in hopes to somehow desperately feel accepted and validated by the world of social media. This further snowballs into higher debts, low credit scores, loans and other liabilities only adding to their anxiety and mental insecurities, leading to denial & depression.

Fake Is the New Beautiful

The other subject that messes up with the normal notion of life is the unwanted obsession with stalking. This comprises taking a gander at somebody’s social media handles and then proceeding with judging their photographs and life events. With this constant social media obsession, comes the passing of irrelevant or unethical comments. We tend to criticize each aspect of the person we assess in the 1st second, without even thinking how those few senseless lines of comment are impacting someone’s mental health. ‘why don’t they use better filters?’ , “why don’t they get a hair treatment?”. “That bag looks so cheap”, “That body though”, and endless other such comments, remain not only under those photographs but also on those young minds forever.

Karan Malik is Making a Difference

Realizing how truly messed up the world is, Karan Malik is breaking the stereotypes surrounding the notion of beauty. The Instagram influencer is contributing to creating a positive impact among the lives of his followers by normalizing the flaws we tend to have as naturally desirable traits. Have you got dark circles? It shows you burnt your midnight oil to achieve something. Do you have acne? It is hormones to blame, not you. Your skin tone is dark? Well, that how the supreme has sculpted the chocolaty you. In fact, every shade between black, brown, and white is beyond beautiful and thus need celebration. From the discoloration around your mouth and thighs to cellulite in women, patchy beards to receding hairlines in men, Malik is known to extends his support in normalizing all such attributes to all his followers.



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