Tips to Succeed in Life

Brooke Whistance
3 min readDec 10, 2019


Tips to Succeed in Life

Success in life is not always guaranteed. There are many things that can affect your ability to succeed in life. Prabhash Karan, a successful author, and engineer based in the United States, definitely agrees. Born in a remote village in India, Prabhash managed to distinguish himself through his hard work and passion. Prabhash believes to the core of his heart that human life is the greatest gift to the fortunate few who got it. Human life is precious, the best of the best. He feels it every day. He makes it a point in his writing. Here are a few tips to succeed in life that you should follow.

The suffering

As implausible as it may seem, to succeed, one’s life often begins with the failure.

Failure to succeed, to be in a situation of failure, to suffer, to get tired of your life, are all motivating factors to want to change your life and to desire intensely that it be better.

Wanting to “be happy” would be less motivating than trying to “stop suffering”! In both cases, it is a progression towards more happiness.

Happiness, suffering, sad, crying

So it would be necessary to suffer to be happy! Human nature would be done that way and studies show that the happiest people are also those who have experienced hardship and suffering.

People with little or no pain would have difficulty recognizing the beauty of their lives while people who have suffered tremendously would have become pessimistic and unable to recognize the beautiful things that lie behind all situations. Remains those who have suffered moderately who are capable of recognizing and able to bounce are found grown and so happier.

Although this observation is dominant today, nothing prevents us from doing otherwise. The world is changing, so is the “sacrifice” generation, and the search for happiness is more and more present around us. This is a good thing!

Certainly, one day, suffering will no longer be necessary to desire fulfillment!

Be happy

Who gets up in the morning wishing to suffer? Nobody! We all wish happiness, and we all wish to be happy. This is THE success criterion! You need to learn to be happy with the little things in life if you really want to succeed!

“Honestly, the happiness of most people is ruined by repeatedly ignoring little things. Being grateful for little things in life enhances your self-control. By taking stock of your blessings and focusing on things that you are grateful for, you are essentially increasing your self-esteem. The increase in self-esteem, in turn, enhances the level of satisfaction with life. Happy people perceive life in a certain way: they see their existence in this planet as a gift and are thankful for health and material possessions.” — an excerpt from Of Human Nature and Good Habits by Prabhash Karan