Brooke Whistance
2 min readJun 29, 2021
Photo by THE 5TH on Unsplash

Whether you are an athlete, a runner, or a bodybuilder — taking care of your muscles, bones, and joints is critical to a healthy life. Whenever we talk about developing a healthy routine, the first thing to come to mind is drinking enough water, eating vegetables, and regularly exercising. Even though these habits contribute to a healthy lifestyle, a pivotal component is typically left out. Yes, we’re talking about a healthy fascia!

Most people don’t know about fascia because it’s not usually mentioned in anatomical displays. So, before diving into the benefits of a healthy fascia, we will first understand what a fascia really is.

What is fascia?

Fascia, also known as the “forgotten organ,” is a sheet of tissue found throughout our body. It holds every organ, bone, nerve fiber, blood vessel, and muscle in place. Because of fascia, our body’s shape is the way it is, and without it, we wouldn’t even be able to stand straight!

A healthy fascia means a healthy life as it’s connected to our entire system, and having an unhealthy fascia can lead to bad posture, dehydration and stress.

Five perks of a healthy fascia

The benefits of having a healthy fascia are unparalleled.

1. Improved posture: A healthy posture can do wonders for your body. A poor posture not only looks terrible, but it can also have adverse effects on your physical health like awful digestion and curvature of the spine.

2. Reduce pain and aches: Have you ever wondered why older people complain about back or leg pain all the time? The answer is — an unhealthy fascia. A healthy fascia can breathe new life into your joints and improve your mobility.

3. Stronger body: A robust fascia corresponds to a tenacious body. With a strong body, you will encounter fewer injuries. Fewer injuries mean that you can spend less time at the hospital and more time doing the things you love!

4. Increased blood flow: Pumped blood flow can alleviate the oxygen level in your body. This helps lower your blood pressure and decreases the chances of a heart attack.

5. Improved endurance: A healthy fascia can augment your body’s endurance as well. It can also help maintain your natural body weight, improve your performance in sporting events and build your confidence.

This is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to unraveling many of the benefits associated with a healthy fascia. Couple this with the right diet and bring out the best in you!