Popular Myths About Architecture

Brooke Whistance
4 min readMar 3, 2020


Popular Myths About Architecture

Myths are part of society. Whether in nature, science or even in the most trivial actions, although thanks to the so much information we can get today, it has made many of them come to an end. And in architecture, it couldn’t be less! That is why in this article, we wanted to talk about the ten myths that you surely did not know about architecture.

1. If you don’t know how to draw, you can’t be an architect

One of the myths that you can most doubt when deciding to study architecture is that if you are not an expert cartoonist, you will not be able to be an architect. However, it is not entirely true. Drawing is one of the tools of architecture, so you should know how to draw yes, but neither should you be Palazuelo. In fact, there are several programs to draw as CAD, Photoshop, 3DMax that facilitate this task.

2. Architects only make houses and buildings

Another myth is that architects are only responsible for designing houses and buildings and that the rest of the more elaborate tasks are done by engineers, something that is totally false.

The architecture includes many areas, both urban, structural, facilities, regulations, etc. That is why an architect is fully capable of doing much more than making houses and buildings if he specializes.

Let’s give you an example of a modern-day architect: William Prescott Lecky. He is a United States based architect, artisan, and author. Lecky remains the designer of the all-popular Korean War Veterans Memorial. The memorial remains special as it looks back to the devastating prospect of war and its consequences, and Lecky actually captured that.

Lecky also remains the designer of the Vietnam Veterans Memorial. Apart from that, the architect has designed a number of projects in the Blair House, the United States Vice President’s House, and the White House in Washington DC.

If you want to learn more about the genius of Lecky, you can read his book Designing for Remembrance: An Architectural Memoir. Lecky is the co-founder of Cooper-Lecky, an architectural firm that has seen a number of successful architects in the markets who have gone even to open their own firms.

3. If you are an architect, you will be rich

Architecture has always been synonymous with wealth and success; this is, without doubt, one of the most unfounded myths in the mind of every person. If you study architecture, you will have a guaranteed job with a monthly salary. Something far from reality. It may have been that way a while ago, but now with the real estate bubble, the large number of graduates and the current situation has made the salary very low. In addition to having much more competition when it comes to finding a job as an architect.

4. Know how much it costs to make a building

If you are an architect, you have surely met someone who, upon learning that you were an architect, began to ask you how much it could cost to make a home and even give you all the details of what you plan to do. It is practically impossible to know how much a house would cost since there are many things that vary in price, without going further materials.

5. Every architect carries Rule T

Another myth is that architects always carry the T rule. However, it is totally false. Since, as we said in myth number one, there are numerous programs to draw without having to resort to rule T.

6. Architects never sleep

Another myth is that architecture students never sleep. And yes, the architectural career is one of the most difficult and that more application requires. However, like any study, if you organize yourself well, you can study and progress in your career without having to spend the night sailing studying.

7. The spaces with plants are to cover faults

One of the myths that surround the architecture is that all spaces with plants are errors of the architect and that after having miscalculated, space tends to occupy them with plants. Nothing could be further from the truth. If it is true, that some architects resort to it to cover some errors, but many of the occasions turn to green spaces for a better design, an example of this is Fernando Higueras.

8. The image of the architect

The image is one of the stereotypes that can lead to false myths and not only in architecture but in any other profession. Architects are always in suits and almost always black. But this is not the case, and the architect does not have a dress code and usually changes his outfit depending on the moment, whether in the office, an appointment with a client, at work or in a meeting.

9. Architects only read magazines about housing and decoration.

Finally, we cannot forget one of the myths about what architects do. Architects only know how to read reviews about decoration and housing, but nothing to do. Moreover, it is usually more focused on potential clients who want to get ideas for their new home.