Here’s How MyKlovr Can Help You Prepare for College

Preparing and applying for college is a rite of passage for most students. Over 90% of the American population has considered higher education. Regrettably, lack of knowledge, preparation, guidance and financial aid has made the college dream only achievable to a select few.

Needless to say, researching colleges, deciding on which ones to apply to, maximizing your chances of admissions and lining up financial aid, is a complex web, filled with traps at every turn.

Many schools wrongfully assume and even expect that a student knows what he/she is good at, what they would like to study, which courses they would like to take and so on and so forth. In other words, they directly or indirectly demand the student have a well-thought-out college and career plan. Nothing could be farther from the truth. The majority of students and parents are nowhere near this point when the child applies to college.

It is no wonder, with the very few resources available to students and their parents at public schools, and with the sky-high cost of personal college counselors, students have been at a loss for some time, many of them never applying and getting into college — any college.

Along came myKlovr

MyKlovr is the name of the service developed by its founder, world known investment banker, Gustavo Dolfino, which acts as a virtual college counselor. It was created for college-bound students and their parents and allows them to travel the journey to college admissions together. The system groups under one roof, college research, college application, college preparation, and college financing.

What makes the service unique is two-fold — first — the recommendations a student gets are personalized to his/her IQ and EQ profile, and — second — the basis of the system is a mix of artificial intelligence, predictive analytics, and machine learning.

The company is a game changer, having had the honor of being the first-of-its-kind virtual college counseling platform that utilizes predictive data analytics and artificial intelligence to increase every high school student’s chances of college admission.

MyKlovr is currently a web-based platform; a mobile application for smartphone and tablet users is expected in the second quarter of 2019.

What makes myKlovr fun is its ease of use:

1. Enter your information

2. Follow your personalized guidance

3. Have fun

There is no reason, in our opinion, why college should be out of reach for the average person, now that myKlovr is in town!



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