• Abdullah Salah

    Abdullah Salah

  • Frank Caffrey

    Frank Caffrey

    I am here to discover and contribute to the world of Medium with my ideas. Please follow so you get my latest blogs. Cheers!

  • Betianaderi


  • Krasimir Bantchev

    Krasimir Bantchev

  • Martin Gray

    Martin Gray

    Martin Gray has BSc Degree in MediaLab Arts from the University of Plymouth. He currently lives in New York city. All links here: linktr.ee/martingray

  • Rachel Ellery Bolen

    Rachel Ellery Bolen

    Writer & Artist. Mental Health, Women’s Rights & Domestic Violence Advocate. Recovering people pleaser, learning to be a little mouthy and less agreeable again.

  • Mostafa Ibrahim

    Mostafa Ibrahim

    Programmer. University College London Computer Science Graduate. ARM Full Stack Web Dev. Passionate about Machine Learning in Healthcare. Top 1000 writer in AI.

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