Fascination In Exploration — Ofir’s Journey to Stardom

Brooke Whistance
2 min readAug 10, 2021
Photo by Queen Ofir

Along with her musical career, Ofir started to work as an actor in 1999 in various roles including for action, comedy, and horror films. A few of her famous appearances in the film are Pink Lady, Mac Daddy and the Lovers, Tragedy of a Mother and Son, and Preying for Mercy. She has appeared on many TV shows including Roku TV. Due to her impressive talent as an actress, she got a role in “Insatiable,” a short film about human trafficking.

Her musical ambitions flourished when she moved to the USA and Canada to establish her career as a singer. In her initial days, she was trained by Terry Knickerbocker at the William Esper Studio. She then became a TV host and interviewed many celebrities and also wrote sketches and sometimes even worked behind the scenes. Her music covers a broad range of musical genres including techno, world pop, classical, R&B, and Hip Hop. Ofir uses her diverse cultural background of Mediterranean, European, Oriental, and Western roots to write songs in many languages that include Arabic, Hebrew, and English. Moreover, she managed to exhibit her talent on stage and in front of the camera as well which continues to contribute immensely to her eclectic success.

Throughout Ofir’s career, she has received many accolades in the United States, with multiple Grammy Award considerations for nomination, as well as in Canada, the U.K., and abroad, where her powerful, original music and unforgettable concerts have garnered many international awards. Her enthusiastic stage appearances have included even a performance at The White House in Washington, D.C.!

With her beautiful singing voice, songwriting skills, and original poetry, she has earned unmatchable recognition for her unique creativity and artistic skills. A deep sense of emotion, sensitivity, gratitude, and drama can be found throughout her performing style and sets her apart from other artists. Her ambition for music has been rapid and impressive.

Queen Ofir has performed at venues and on television and radio stations across the USA, Canada, the U.K. and Israel. She was a double nominee for Album of the Year and Artist of the Year at the L.A. Music Awards. She is also an eight-time Grammy Award nominee-elect. Ofir’s tracks are available on music platforms like Soundcloud, Spotify, YouTube, and SongCast. Her career began scaling new heights in 2013 when her name became “Queen Ofir” (a title given to her by two of her managers). And she continues to scale even greater heights in music and film throughout year 2021 and beyond!