Entrepreneurial secrets of success by Frank Delgadillo

Brooke Whistance
3 min readJun 22, 2020
Entrepreneurial secrets of success by Frank Delgadillo

The creative director, entrepreneur, brand builder, and fashion designer, Frank Patrick Delgadillo is the Founder and CEO of DECO86 and several other ventures. In the field of entrepreneurship, he is considered as a pioneer of brand building and creating successful brands.

Today’s article is dedicated to certain secrets of entrepreneurs, which allow them to be successful in accelerating the potential of their brands. We take insights from Frank Delgadillo due to his extensive experience.

If there is something wrong with your company, something is missing, or something is not working as it should, but you still do not know what it is, take a look at these secrets that have revealed to Richard St. John some of the most successful entrepreneurs in the world.

But what has made these entrepreneurs successful? What has differentiated their businesses or their forms from those of others? Everyone has told their secret, and Richard St. John is telling the world.

What advantages can have an independent director in your company give you?

Frank Delgadillo synthesizes them in a few but valuable words:


Thomas Freeman, a famous automotive designer who has worked for Ford, Volkswagen, or Porsche among other companies, assures that the key element to be successful is passion. “I am driven by passion. Successful people act out of love and not money.”


Rupert Murdoch, a communication magnate, assures that the main thing is work. I work hard, but it rewards us. For this, we must be lovers of what we do. We have to have fun working.


For Alex Garden, CEO of Relic Entertainment, the key is to be good at what you do. “To be successful, you have to dedicate yourself to something and be very good at it. There is no magic.” It is practicing, practicing, and practicing.


According to Norman Jewison, a Canadian actor, director, and producer who has made hits like ‘The Violinist on the Roof’ or ‘Jesus Christ Superstar,’ he puts the emphasis on focus. Focus on one thing until you achieve your goal.


Broadway stage designer David Gallo, one of the most important in the world, assures that the key is to motivate oneself, overcome shyness, fears, and doubts, and be able to push oneself towards the goal that we seek.

Serve others

For Sherwin Nuland, writer, philosopher, teacher and billionaire, he assures that when a child tells him that he wants to achieve what he achieved, he usually replies: “ok, but don’t serve yourself, serve other people and offer them something of value “


Bill Gates believes that the true key to success lies in ideas. It ensures that good ideas are what differentiate ordinary people from successful people.


Joe Kraus, the founder of Excite, JotSpoy, and DigitalConsumer, thinks persistence is a vital skill that few people have. “It is the number one key to success.” Few people ever stop, think about it, and continue after various failures.