Crucial Factors Players Need to Keep in Mind when Choosing an Online Poker Site

Brooke Whistance
5 min readJul 28, 2021
Crucial Factors Players Need to Keep in Mind when Choosing an Online Poker Site
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Online poker has been around for over two decades and has evolved into a more competitive sport rather than a mere pastime. Sites have quickly grown in number throughout those years with major operators constantly competing for a bigger portion of the market share. While top-established sites remain to be a popular choice for poker players, refreshingly new platforms have also grown to be a preferred option for a variety of reasons. Unlike before, poker players now have multiple options depending exactly on what they are looking for.

With the game of poker rapidly increasing in popularity towards the younger generation, investors have begun to launch more modern sites and social applications to meet the heightened demand. While this boost in real money gaming is ideally good for the game, many recreational and new players have the issue of picking out the poker site best suited for their needs. This is an important process which not only protects the player but at the same time makes the experience all the more enjoyable.

Depending on the network they are under, most of the online poker platforms differ in terms of features, traffic, restrictions, promotions, and interface. Security issues remain as the primary concern with unregulated sites and private club models. Unfair gameplay activities which include the likes of chip dumping, poker bots, and collusion are among the forms of cheating evident at the virtual tables. As factors like these may unknowingly cost beginners and amateurs a run for their money, it is necessary to perform due diligence when signing up on a platform.

Noted below are a few insights on which factors to keep in mind when choosing an online poker site.

Legalized Status

The first factor to consider relies on where the player is geographically located as government regulations and licensing differs from country to country. Making sure that the poker site in question is deemed legal in your location automatically decreases security risks and promotes a better playing environment in general. Proper research on the ideal sites can be done to prevent encountering any fraudulent issues. Detailed reviews of reputable sites can also be found on reliable review sites, allowing players to have an overview of the platform prior to playing.

Social poker applications host their games under a play money currency, allowing it to bypass restrictions allowing individuals in locations where online gambling is prohibited. Transactions on these applications require a trusted agent to provide services and support for the player’s needs. While it may seem to be a simple process, it runs the risk of encountering doubtful schemes and undocumented problems. Participating on these platforms should only be done with a trusted partner to avoid unfortunate occurrences.

Reliable Payment Methods

Funding your account is the next step after signing up. Many of the major poker sites offer sweet bonuses for a player’s first deposit and also their future deposits. Payment methods and policies differ from platform to platform which is why it is best to check individually if the methods available match your banking preferences.

Verification is also standard to many online poker platforms. This is done to provide an extra layer of security and protection for both the player and the platforms. Most platforms have included the use of electronic wallets, digital currencies, and online credit cards. Adopting these methods not only allows for faster and smoother transactions but also makes it more vulnerable to fraud.

Aside from deposits, efficient withdrawal processes are also a crucial factor in a player’s online poker experience. Being able to instantly and safely withdraw funds from your account is a great consideration when choosing an online poker site. Although today’s top sites usually do not pose any funding issues, there are a number of payment methods that may incur some unexpected fees.


Traffic across the platform technically varies throughout the day depending on the target market of your chosen poker site. It is important to make sure that there’s enough action across the tables during your preferred hours of play. High traffic is a good indicator that a poker site is reputable and offers a lot of exciting events. Recorded data is easily visible on the web for reference and what to expect on each site.

In addition to the number of tables running, the playing field is also an important factor to consider. The level of players differs from site to site with some platforms being more pro-heavy while some are more focused on recreational players. Natural8 offers a sizable recreational player base and prohibits the use of third-party applications in-game. This runs in line with its aim to “make poker fun again” and attracts a softer pool of players as compared to its competitors.

Promotions and Rewards

While not as crucial as the factors previously noted, promotions and rewards serve as attractive features for every user. This comes in many forms such as a loyalty rewards program, leaderboards, freerolls, jackpots, cashback and more. Playing on a site that is generous in giving back to its clientele allows players to benefit as they play even more. While these could be minimal in nature, the value of the rewards can be significant when accumulated over a prolonged period of time.

Natural8, a leading platform in Asia has attractive promotions in store for new users, as well as instant bonuses for their first deposit. The new user promotions are worth up to $1,559* and it includes a 200% first deposit match bonus, free tournaments, and challenges that will allow players to get a head-start on building their bankrolls. Also worth mentioning is Natural8’s exciting rewards program, the Fish Buffet Programme which awards players up to 60% in fixed cashback.

While there may be more factors to consider when choosing a poker site, these initial factors already put you a big step towards a great online poker journey. Exploring different sites will enable you to compare and evaluate which platform suits you the best. Additionally, choosing a poker site that provides customer-friendly service seems to be extremely helpful especially for those who are just starting out on their online poker adventure.